100 Franklin

Tribeca / New York


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100 Franklin

Residential & Commercial

New York


10 Residences

8 Stories Ground-up / 2 New Buildings

Designer, Developer, Builder



Jakob Jakob

In the Tribeca historic district, we designed the 200 linear-foot facade in Petersen brick, straddling the line between finished facade and utilitarian, lot-line remnant from when the street grid was broken to make way for Church Street. The tripartite scheme has a commercial base, residential middle, and Penthouse top defined by clear architectural delineations from arched cornice to glass clerestory.


We celebrated the context through the use of a blend of red bricks and the use of "jack-arches" above the windows found throughout Tribeca.


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Project colors, textures, and font studies to customize a unique logo referencing architectural details of 100 Franklin. And introducing the artist Charlotte Taylor as our artistic collaborator to help us interpret the core feeling of the project and bring it to life.

The art and craft of hand lettering is applied to the construction bridge to announce 100 Franklin.

We captured the vitality of the neighborhood by collaborating with photographer Hatnim Lee, known for her journalistic approach. Her unique photography was used to bring life to the campaign to contrast with the inanimate architecture.


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Working with The Future Perfect to bring the interior to life. We couldn't imagine a better collaborator for this project.


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From model apartments with the Future Perfect to a collaboration with famed artist, JR, we brought the building and even the entire site to life.