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Arizona State University
Re-imagining the Masterplan for the New American University:
What if the Master becomes a Student and the Plan becomes an Act?

Yellowtrees embarks on a journey to help ASU create a more dynamic masterplan to foster greater cohesion and connection across all five campuses, satellites, and the online community. Bridging the physical, digital divide became the subtext.

How do you create a shared experience that helps the students and faculty to find connections across geographic space, that tells the story of ASU in a seamless way as part of their daily interaction with the University linking both physical and virtual space?

“Respect, in the deepest sense, the strips of chaos that have a weird wisdom of their own not yet encompassed in our concept of urban order.”
–Jane Jacobs


Wayfinding provides the Tool to unite ASU’s Physical and Digital Identity, giving people a sense of Place, beyond going from point A to B.


proposed signage 'family' (rammed earth, metal, digital media)

Integrating the sun logo into the core messaging and introducing AR,VR, and XR experiences

Even Bus shelters are linked to the visual system "kit of parts" that in turn links to the digital experience through color, font, and consistent content management