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Greenwich West, a residential tower in Downtown Manhattan, is designed to offer incredible views to take in all its surrounding life. The windows are one of the signature design elements of this project. Our goal was to support this architectural move by commissioning the fine artist Aaron Zulpo to continue his series ‘WINDOW STORIES’ for Greenwich West. He created 5 original paintings which depict the life within this building.

Aaron Zulpo's Window Series created prior to Greenwich West.
Paintings by Aaron Zulpo © The artist. Courtesy by 1969 Gallery, New York City.

Aaron Zulpo in his studio working on the rooftop painting for Greenwich West

People from the neighborhood became the protagonist in Aaron's paintings of Greenwich West.

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We created a large-scale magazine to showcase the richness of the neighborhood and the life within and around Greenwich West.


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Turning a billboard into an Art installation fetauring Aaron's artwork

The campaign on billboards all around downtown Manhattan. Also currently displayed as a video installation at the Greenwich West building.


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The paintings offer the basis to become animated stories for the digital world.

The campaign continues to be incredibly successful for its unique approach and aesthetic. Analytics have proven it to be one of the most successful projects in downtown Manhattan.