345meatpacking Collaborations


Every project involves a team of collaborators. We celebrate the team from 345meatpacking, the building I designed with my firm DDG and for which Susanne created the branding and marketing. In this trail, all hands are equally important, even the anonymous ones, whether machine or human.

Mosaic House Moroccan handmade tiles

Admonter wood flooring factory in Austria. Women make up the majority of the quality control team.

Albertini windows in Italy. Italian craftsmanship and engineering.

Petersen Tegl handmade bricks from Denmark.

Anonymous painter

BDDW handcraft to the max!

LA Studio blown glass

Lindsey Adelman's custom designed lights in our lobby. I asked her to riff off the grotto I designed for the entrance and she deftly introduced the stalactite theme.

Timorous Beasties wallpaper installed for The Future Perfect's model apartment collaboration.

The Future Perfect hanging custom lights for the model apartment.

Jim in the bushes from Future Green Studios, our landscape team.

Polygon Studios, our artisan kitchen maker.

Piet Hein Eek's studio in the Netherlands. His furniture was featured in The Future Perfect's installation for their model apartment collaboration.

Petersen Tegl brickmakers' work boots.

Anonymous welder

Marty the electrician