By The Theodor, Painting by Shelley Reed


Shelley Reed And The Floating Feather, a journey by Susanne Schaal

I wanted to create something very unique for Ralf Schmitz' upcoming residential building "THE THEODOR" in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I work from micro to macro as I conduct my research. My team and I cull through the gradation of data to find the essence of a project.

We studied the flora and fauna, discovering unexpected exotic animals living in the many beautiful parks throughout the city of Dusseldorf.

The heart of "THE THEODOR" has its very own magical garden. And even parrots will live there. Yes, we have parrots in Düsseldorf!


I discovered the work of Shelley Reed and instantly knew she would be the perfect artist collaborator for this project. The viewers of Shelley Reed’s pieces often feel as if they have been transported to a place beyond time, a magical and yet very real place.

...suspending from her paintings the noisy bustle of everyday life. – Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulli Seegers

Shelley's process blew my mind when she showed me her work in her studio.

No words.

Our collaboration for "THE THEODOR" started immediately.

“While I have used elements from the local area, it is in a suggestive way rather than specific. In the foreground of the painting is water, suggesting the Rhine...

... There are fruit, butterflies, and flowers denoting the abundance of local flora and fauna, as well as symbols of culture, like a musical instrument waiting to be played." —Shelley Reed

This amazing painting lives on in the building installed as a site-specific art installation.

The incredible journey, commemorated in a book for the project.