The lost of art of dioramas is rediscovered.

This photograph was taken by our friend and fine artist Richard Barnes who is known for his spectacular diorama studies.

Illusion is an art. How to create miles of breathtaking views while being limited to 6 feet.

Working with the team from the American Museum of Natural History, headed by Stephen Quinn, who wrote THE book on dioramas, we create a diorama featuring Central Park for the off-site sales gallery for Peter's building on the Upper East Side (180 East 88th Street). Needing a way to bring the views from the windows to life and create a celebratory mood that connects to the artisanal craft in the building, I suggest the beauty of dioramas. Peter loves this, so I ask Stephen if he is interested. Yes, he says, but only if they can do an exact replica of the park to stay faithful to the scientific origins of the diorama's use. And so an artform is reborn.

Like a planting plan, the diorama's handmade pieces are laid out.

They are handmade in the studio and laid out to test the effect.

Meticulously handcrafted, exact replicas of the birdlife in Central Park are created.

The studio

Stephen hand painting the foreground.

Every surface and detail is considered.

The studio

As installed

Looking into the art of illusion.

Looking out the windows to the Central Park diorama from inside the model apartment.

A truly one of a kind experience. Thank you Stephen and co.!