Petersen Tegl Brick, Denmark


The most beautiful brick in the world is found in a tiny alcove by the sea in Denmark, it turns out. [by Peter Guthrie]

I decided to go there to find out more.

"It all starts with the clay!" Christian, the owner, explains to me.

Off it goes on its Willy Wonka journey.

To be formed by hand.

The brick I made myself with my thumbprints and initials. So simple and satisfying to make.

Off to the kiln.

And the finished brick!


A tapestry of brick created on site.

Christian, the owner, with his Bonzai collection.

Off to the ship for lunch!

Such beautiful abstract landscape art these mock-ups form.

Workers' boots

Cabinet of curiosities.

My friend Stig, responsible for bringing this wonderful material to my buildings.

Such a visual pleasure this place is!