40 East End Avenue

Upper East Side / New York


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40 East End Avenue is located in the Upper East Side enclave Yorkville, where tree-lined streets lead to verdant Carl Schurz Park and the East River Esplanade. Jakob Jakob integrated this romantic, historic landscape into the 40 East End Avenue brand narrative by asking Julien Colombier, renowned fine artist, to reinterpret neighborhood foliage through his vibrant painting. Strongly informed by skateboarding culture, Colombier’s compositions provided an attention-getting counterpoint to the intellectual design.

40 East End Avenue is an elegantly crafted 19-story condominium building designed by Deborah Berke Partners, as a rejoinder to anonymous glass towers. We commissioned the French artist Julien Colombier to produce spirited paintings of local foliage for the new building’s marketing campaign.

Deborah Berke, the design architect for 40 East End Avenue and the first woman to helm the Yale School of Architecture, has lived in the east end neighborhood for many years.

40 East End Ave.

New Residential Building

New York

Upper East Side




Deborah Berke Partners


Jakob Jakob

Our branding for 40 East End Avenue focuses on the life in and around Carl Schurz Park, but also deeply considers the diverse architectural fabric into which the condominium is so gracefully integrated. Yorkville’s landmarks range from the 220-year-old Gracie Mansion to preeminent examples of Beaux-Arts and Art Deco apartment living.


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The 40 East End Ave. Sales Gallery.


Julien Colombier's mural is an exciting counterpoint to the architecture

Windows are an opportunity for us to create memories. We invited the celebrated muralist Dean Barger to devise a panorama for the sales gallery that expresses a dialogue between the cityscape and nature. A collaboration to create breathtaking views within a distance of four feet. A 3 foot painting was the start of a 48 foot mural.