Tribeca / New York


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24 Warren


New York


single family home

8 floors gut renovation / rooftop addition

Designer, developer, builder

Peter Guthrie / Keeler Devco


Peter Guthrie / Ghislaine Vinas

My first foray into the wonderful world of bluestone as a building material beyond lintels and sills and terraces. Sourced from Tompkins, New York, this local stone is durable and beautiful, and we laid it in 3-1/2" thick tightly knit rows, carving fluted details above the windows and entrance.

We added a floor to expand the living area up and capture views out creating three outdoor terraces and a green roof garden on top.


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We hand-crafted a three-story stair that acts as the central spine, weaving together the public and private spaces. Ghislaine Vinas headed up the amazingly fun and creative interior decor that was a perfect counterpoint to our architecture which emphasizes the power of true collaboration.

We even tucked a sauna under the curving stair.

Entrance lobby weaves art, design, and architecture seamlessly into a whole greater than the sum of its parts.